Climate control

Remote control of heating, air conditioning and ventilation system

Scenarios that independently regulate the indoor climate, turn the heating and air conditioning on/off according to your location

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Remote control of lighting, brightness and color

Scenarios based on your location

Mood streaming, various modes to cover e.g."Party" or «Candlelit»

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Remote control of the media system

Possibility of video and audio equipment all over the house to be synchronized with the media center

Individual media scenarios

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Intelligent curtains

Remote control of shutters in all over the house

Scenarios based on your daily schedule taking into account sunrise and sunset time

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Smart vacuum cleaner. Remote control of the cleaning process

Synchronization of the vacuum cleaner with sensors and other Smart home devices

Scenarios of cleaning, perfectly clean house with no efforts

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Electrical system

Remote control of all indoor electrical appliances

Remote control of energy delivered to sockets

Individual scenarios applied to working electrical appliances

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Automatic calculation of energy, water, gas, etc. used during the month

Monthly automatic payment of utilities through Internet banking

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Remote control of pet feeders

The opportunity to observe, talk and even play with your pets wherever you are

Automatic control of watering system for plants

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