Organization of the workspace

   The optimum efficiency of its employees is critical for each employer; the ability to obtain maximum results with minimum time and investment. It is no secret that for the high-quality fulfilment of their duties, comfortable working conditions are a pre-requisite. Various studies have shown that people work 30% more efficiently in bright, spacious and well-ventilated rooms than in dark, close and stuffy ones. 

   Google, Airbnb, Amazon, Zappos and Mindvalley all focus on the most comfortable work conditions for their employers.
   One of the difficulties with most offices is that it takes a lot of energy, consideration and financial investment to maintain comfortable working conditions, especially when there are a lot of employees involved in the process. The Smart Office system will work to resolve all employer’s issues and work to automate many of the processes that normally are managed manually. 

Climate control
   Smart office can set up and operate the air supply system, heating and air conditioning systems in such way that neither owner nor employees need invest time on their control. Smart climate control system operates according to scenarios provided for specific offices dependent upon given criteria for the activities and the working day. For example, before the imminent start of a working day, the system automatically will adjust for additional ventilation in the room and can set the temperature to the required level. At the end of the working day all systems automatically switch to power saving mode. In the case of a sudden change in outside temperature, the system adjusts itself and selects the optimal mode for the office until the settings are changed manually.  
If desired, an option to change the temperature or ventilation mode is available by touch screen on the smartphone. No need to look for the "damned remote control".

   Another question that arises in large offices and factories, is the optimization and automation of the lighting system. Since offices and enterprises usually need additional lighting. Even during the day, it is important to ensure the lighting system is as efficient and ergonomic as possible. A few hours of calculations and experiments when creating the script and there will always be an ideal and comfortable level of lighting in your office. 
Smart lighting scenarios include
- automatic switching on and off of lights at the beginning and at the end of the working day; 
— sensitivity to reduction of the level of natural light in certain parts of the office, automatic activation of electric light in the case of a decrease of natural light, changing the intensity of light in accordance to the time of day, the level of natural light, the number of employees in the room
— automatic switching on and off of lights in toilets, kitchen, rest rooms, etc.;
— energy saving mode based on the features of the room, time of day, work schedule, the level of natural light from the outside, etc.;
— the ability to change the scenario or a part of it any time.

Control of electrical devices
   Ultra-modern and super convenient Smart Office  
system is designed to make your life and work as efficient as possible. 
To save you time and effort, Smart Office offers you and your employees the ability to remotely control all electrical devices in the office or in the workplace. In addition, the Smart Office system makes it possible to control the work of the sockets as the work of groups of equipment. Spending a minimum of time and effort, you get the maximum result. 
For example, a conference room can be remotely prepared for presentation. Without leaving the usual workplace, you or your subordinates can turn on the computer, printer, projector or screen, set a comfortable temperature and ventilate the room. Using the Smart system, the whole process of preparation will take no more than 5 minutes. And this scheme applies to all smart electrical appliances and systems in the building. Workers in the office or at the factory can even remotely make themselves coffee or toast

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