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   How can Smart Home and utilities be linked? The calculations of meters and readings indicators are in no way governed by the owner of the premises. They cannot be accessed and changed physically, remotely or in any way and they are most definitely not controllable by any scenarios. What then is the advantage of a Smart Home?

   The Smart Home system can independently monitor and register the amount of water, electricity or gas consumed over a given period. The meter readings are displayed in the application on the mobile phone, so they may be checked at any time. From the date indicated by you, on the basis of the previous month's testimony of the actual indications and unit cost of water, gas, etc. the Smart House independently calculates how much it is necessary to pay for utilities this month. If required, the system can also compare actual results with the indicators of past months and make a prediction for the future. There is also a function that helps to fix the amount of energy expended by various electrical appliances and systems inside the apartment. The principle of how this works is similar to that of smartphones, when they determine how and what is using battery charge or mobile traffic. So, the U-Smart system will assist in making a detailed analysis of resource consumption in the room in order to reduce it in the future and save money.

   Another revolutionary feature that we can offered is U-Smart-automatic payment of utility bills through Internet banking. This service eliminates time and effort spent on boring and burdensome processes which, as we know, most of us do not like. Just set up an automatic payment for the communal area, for example, on the 20th of each month and do not worry about debts. U-Smart strives to make life as comfortable as possible!

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