With the help of office automation, the business owner can easily solve most pressing issues; optimize the work of the enterprise and improve its quality.
   1) Firstly, the Smart Office lock controls access of employees to the office (using identification card, fingerprint, retina, etc.), and also the system registers the time of entry and of departure of the employee. With the appropriate setting, the system can display statistics for each employee for any given period.
   2) Secondly, the Smart Office system monitors all comers to the office. For example, if an employee invites visitor(s) to the office outside of working hours, the system will register their number, their appearance and visit time. This feature protects personnel and property from intruders; monitors employees’ visits, makes the office the safest possible.
   3) In addition, the Smart Lock and Smart Door phone has one more incredibly useful function; that of informing the director, accountant, HR manager, or anyone who has access to the function, about the arrival of each employee. No need to check every 10 minutes to see if the person you are expecting has arrived. No longer necessary to call or disturb a colleague to find out when the employee will be in the office. The moment the employee enters the system at the entrance he/she is identified as the person you require and the system immediately notifies within the application.
   4) Should an attempt be made to enter the office by a person who is not in the database, the Smart Lock, together with the Smart Security System, will call both the security company and the police. It is advisable to set up this function for non-office hours to exclude the possibility of penetration by intruders and guarantee the inviolability of the property of the enterprise.
   5) An important element of Smart security in offices is video surveillance, which functions are closely interrelated with the functions of access control.
   The video surveillance system provides security for all management and employees. Cameras installed around the perimeter of the building give complete coverage of the office, and of all activity. For example, if something has disappeared from CEO’s office, it is enough just to see who came to his cabinet and the crime will be solved. For additional protection, access to certain rooms, cabinets and offices may be limited to controlled access only by fingerprint, retina, and etc.
   An extra function of the Smart CCTV system is its ability to remotely control the work of personnel. With the help of a video surveillance system designed specifically for your office, you can observe how employees allocate their time and analyze the effectiveness of their work. However, it is important to remember that for the implementation of video surveillance of employees, written permission of each individual is required.

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