Today, rosettes are a necessary and habitual attribute of any room. We can no longer imagine life without electricity. Usually, the design of the outlet is very simple, and it is hard to imagine how it can be smart. We answer this question with pleasure. Firstly, Smart outlet can be remotely controlled from a smartphone, it is possible to send commands to it.

Thanks to the Smart House system, you can control the Smart Outlet from a distance, turn on and off one or more outlets in the room, regardless of where the owner is at the moment. Thus, the forgotten iron will never again spoil your day. Just use the application to turn off the particular socket that the iron was connected to.

For Smart outlets that have a traditional look, there is another advantage: by disconnecting all the outlets in the room, you can be sure that a child will not suffer from electric shock. It sounds terrible, but we know that many parents have been faced with kids’ curiosity to see what will happen if they put something thin into the outlet. Here we recommend choosing sockets with additional protection for children, thanks to which you can protect the most important thing that you have. 
 The Smart socket, as well as Smart Technology is submitted to the owner-specified scenarios. For example, one can program an outlet into which the kettle or coffee machine turns on; switching on at exactly 7:30 and at 7:35 you will have hot coffee or hot water ready for tea.
Having equipped your home, office or any other room with Smart outlets, you will gain full control over all the equipment, with complete safety.

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