A "Smart Home" is a house (apartment or any other premises) where household appliances, lighting, heating, air conditioning systems, video, audio and security systems have the ability to "communicate" and "cooperate" with each other. Furthermore they can be controlled remotely from any place of the planet using a smartphone, tablet or computer with Internet connection.

  For the first time, the concept of "Smart Home" was formed and introduced by the Washington Institute of Intellectual Property in 1970, and was defined as follows: A smart home is a house that provides productive and efficient use of the work space. This definition remains relevant to date.

  The most common embodiment of the concept of a smart home is the Bill Gates housing, where the possibilities of home automation systems are realized by 100%.

  It should be noted that the "Smart Home" system, as it is called in the English-speaking area, can actually equip an office, a restaurant, a hospital, or even a factory. Thanks to modern science that is moving forward stunningly fast, such systems are comfortable, reliable, ergonomic and safe.

  U-Smart Company combines the latest technologies and devices of leading manufacturers of Smart Home systems. After all, the priority tasks for us are to increase comfort, safety (personal and technical), energy saving and cost reduction, continuous monitoring and management.

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