Smart curtains surely are a must for everyone! After all, who wants to get out of bed to pull the curtains and hide from the bright morning sun. And everyone knows this sweet morning dream which is so easy to lose and almost impossible to get back. It is especially welcome after a late-night party, work until late at night, exhausting business trip ... 
  In addition, if your regime is stable, the ideal scenario is: separate for curtains or common for the whole apartment. Let's say you wake up at 8:00. Then the curtains will automatically open at 07:55 every day except for the weekend, helping you wake up and start a new day. You can even set them to close simultaneously with sunset! So, you will never worry about strangers looking into the windows with the arrival of darkness - Smart curtains will protect you from other people's eyes. 
  Smart curtains may also prove useful for offices but we recommend other solutions, specifically designed for business premises: office rolls and modern Smart Glass. The principle of these devices is identical to smart curtains, but the style and operation is better suited to office or business environments. Smart office shutters can automatically open / close at a specified time or after sunrise / sunset.
  If you are interested in Smart Glass, further information is available upon request. you can learn more about it in this article: 

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