The "Media System" collectively refers to a set of all audio and video systems in the rooms from small apartments or conference rooms to large shopping centers.
  The media system becomes smart due to the ability to control it remotely with the help of a smartphone. Turning on a movie or video on Youtube at home is possible without being in the room where the TV is located. In fact, this can be done even from another city.
In addition, the Smart Media System connects and communicates with other devices and sensors in the room. So, setting a specific scenario, along with the beginning of a feature film, light may turn off, music clips or playlists will be accompanied by a blink of colour, and at 07:45 the "Morning" scenario will play your favourite playlist, cartoon or  Youtube channel.
  If there are several screens in different rooms of an apartment or house, you can set up a completely futuristic, a little frightening but cool system: the video or audio will be switched off in the room just left and imperceptibly for you continue where you went. You do not have to spend a second trying to turn on the TV again, find the appropriate channel or website and rewind the video at the right time. The video will chase/follow you as you move around the apartment. If there is no screen in the room, but there are speakers, only the sound will be broadcast. This feature will be welcomed by anyone who likes to listen to a movie or music while taking a shower.
  It should be noted that the listed functions are just a drop in the ocean of the Smart possibilities of your media system. In this article, we won’t be able to list even half of them, because their quantity is limited only by your imagination. Depending on the type of room, your interests, needs and kind of activity, U-Smart can offer dozens of interesting Smart Media Functions that will make your life easier, save your time or just make life brighter and more diverse.

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