Розумна система освітлення фото

  With the help of U-Smart system, you can turn the lights on and off in any room with just one click on the smartphone screen. Moreover, this system allows you to change the brightness and colour of the light from the soft yellow glow of candlelight to dazzling white office light. A range of colours is available in blue, green, pink and so on. In combination these colours can be used in certain modes, for example: the colourful «Party» mode.
  There is no need to get out of bed to turn off the light when you are almost asleep, actually there is no need even to be at home.
  The Smart Lighting system is connected to all sensors and devices that can affect its operation and make certain changes. The presence sensors turn on and off lights, depending on whether there is someone in the room or not. And an Apple Watch or other device, synchronised with the Smart Home, can turn on the light at the time you need to wake up.
  The Movie View script automatically turns off the light in the room at the beginning of a movie and turns it on if you pause or at the end.
  Thanks to the "Romantic Evening" scenario, which will muffle the light and make it as soft and pleasant as possible, you can create an unforgettable cozy atmosphere for a romantic dinner.
  U-Smart offers an individual lighting system setting for the needs of each family member or the needs of the company or office to create a comfortable living environment and increase productivity.
  Smart Lighting system also lets you guard your home or office from intruders, thanks to the function of presence simulation. When an owner needs to leave the house, apartment, office, etc., for a long time, the «Presence imitation» regime will unilaterally turn on the indoor lights for a certain time.  The time and duration of the luminance may be chosen by the owner or the program can choose a chaotic scenario that will create the impression there is always someone home.That will protect your property from robbery and other problems.

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