Regardless of whether we live in a small apartment or a huge house, we own a tiny store or a huge factory, all of us are united by one aspiration: to save heat, money and organise the living and working space as efficiently as possible. The U-Smart Heat Saving system will help you with solving this issue.
  If you feel cold at home or in your office, you have to do nothing but take your smartphone and raise the temperature all over the room or in its separate part using the Smart Home application. If you forget to lower the temperature before leaving your apartment, the energy saving scenario will do it for you, having received your current location outside home.
A Smart Home lets you with one click turn on the warm floor in a children's room when children are at home, and easily turn it off when they are in school, in the kindergarten etc. If you forget to do this by yourself, in a certain scenario the system itself, having analysed all the factors, will  offer you to turn it off remotely to save heat.
  For those who have a stable schedule of the day, a scenario system based on the time will work. So, for example, U-Smart knows  you wake up at 7:00, at 6:30 the system will raise the temperature in the house by 3 ° C so that when you wake up, you did not feel the unpleasant difference after a warm blanket. At 08:30 you usually go to work, so at this time, the Smart House reduces the temperature in the house to the minimum acceptable for you mark (this indicator you also approve yourself and you can change it at any time). Until 18:00, the heating system in the house is set to maximise energy saving, because there is no point in heating an empty room, but you need to maintain a minimum comfortable temperature so that you do not spend too much heat to achieve the temperature you want later. At 18:30, you come back home, where the atmosphere is cozy and warm. It is important to note that apart from manual master settings, the Smart Home system focuses on temperature and other weather indicators outside in order to make the heating system as ergonomic and efficient as possible.
  At 23:00, half an hour before you go to sleep, the Smart House reduces the room temperature by 1 ° C, as it is known: to fall asleep our body needs to reduce body temperature by 1 ° C. At 00:15 Smart Home reduces the temperature 1-2 ° C more and enhances the ventilation of the room to provide you the deepest and healthiest sleep.
  This is the most popular energy saving scenario which is also beneficial for health. Nevertheless, you can choose any other Smart Home plan that suits your needs and lifestyle as well as the room type and kind of activity. 
Smart Heat Savings will also be extremely relevant and effective in offices, factories and industrial rooms. Want to know more? Please contact us and we will answer all your questions.

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