1. Insufficient planning. In order for your home to be safe, reliable and comfortable, one needs to think carefully about the smallest details, take into account the particulars of your premises, make calculations before the work starts; otherwise, there is a great risk that the Smart House will not be so clever, because functions conflict and interfere with each other.
2. The desire to do everything on their own. Smart Home is an engineering system that is easy to use but very specific in setting up and therefore needs expertise and knowledge. Therefore it is better to trust professionals ノ
3. Combine manufacturers. In fact, installers often use devices of different manufacturers in the same room, but this step can ONLY under the condition of deep awareness of the products of ALL these companies, and knowledge of the features, advantages and disadvantages of each of them.
4. Inappropriate choice of the manufacturer. Sometimes that's right for a home, it does not work at the office and vice versa. It all depends on the particular product, therefore, choosing "the wrong" company can lose a lot of time and money
5. Superfunctionality. Too many features and smart devices can turn your home into a technological laboratory, where comfort and comfort are no longer discussed. In addition, many spend money on features that will never really be needed in this room. So before you choose devices, you should still consult with specialists!
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