Пожежна безпека фото

  One of the greatest fears of our time is to lose all the property earned by years of labor in a minute because of a fire. Without mentioning the fact that fire can also carry away the lives of some of the inhabitants of a house. The fire sensor system installed by U-Smart can be a great way to eliminate this fear forever.
  Smart Fire system monitors gas leakage, smoke, short circuits, ventilation shut down and other probable causes of fire. If one of these sensors is triggered, a danger signal is immediately sent to the customer's smartphone. This signal cannot be ignored because of the loud sound and flashing image. The message and the siren will wake you up if you are, for example, sleeping in a smoky room and consequently will save your life.
   In case of fire in the office or production room Smart Home automatically activates the evacuation siren and evacuation pointers. If there are additional   Smart devices, the system can independently shut down the gas, de-energise the room or activate the fire-fighting system and call the fire department.
   In addition, using the smartphone, the owner of U-Smart Home can also remotely control all the sockets in the house, which means that the iron that you left switched on will never spoil your day anymore. 
  So, a wide range of Smart Fire System capabilities will give you the ability to feel protected and safe.

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