People have long been used to household systems that make our life easy and comfortable. We mean such systems as water supply, gas supply, central heating and so on. However, sometimes these gifts of civilization can cause considerable problems and financial costs. Phenomena such as fire, flood, short circuit and gas leakage are always unexpected and unplanned and cause considerable damage or, in the worst case, can even take someone’s life. The Smart Home system allows you to control the engineering systems of the house wherever you are. Besides, it protects you, your home and property from dangerous situations.

The Smart Home system is equipped with smoke, gas, water leakage, temperature sensors and air quality sensors. It can also recognize a blackout and short circuit in a room. Thus, in case some of the unforeseen situations mentioned above occur, the Smart Home sensors detect that, informs the Smart Home center and it sends an alert to your smartphone. The alert sound is loud and sharp and there is no chance you can miss it.

In addition to sensors, the system can be equipped with so-called performers. Then in case of danger, the Smart Home will not only inform you, but also be able to perform the actions prescribed in the scenario. For example, if water leakage is detected in bathroom, the Smart Home will send an alert to your phone and block the water supply to the entire apartment. Thus, the Smart Home saves its owners from considerable losses. In case of gas leakage or the presence of smoke from a fire that is just beginning, the Smart Home will also send an alert to your smartphone, turn on the siren inside the room, and also shut off the gas in the apartment, activate the fire extinguishing system (if available) and call the firemen. This way, the Smart Home can save not only your home, but also your life and the life of your family.

Another advantage of Smart engineering systems is the ability to customize business trip, vacation, and other scenarios. Using such scenarios, if the system identifies there is nobody home for 18 hours (for example) it automatically shuts off the supply of all resources in order to eliminate the slightest risk of unforeseen situations. You no longer need to worry if everything is all right at home. Simply open the application in your smartphone and make sure that the systems that could fail are turned off, and therefore do not pose any danger.

All in all the capabilities of the Smart Home system are very extensive.  It can control not only the devices, but also the engineering systems in your house, making your life extremely safe and comfortable.

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