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   Electricity is one of the key resources that ensures the comfortable existence of our daily lives. Almost all devices in the home or office use electricity. An important question is how to minimize the overall usage.
   U-Smart will make any space: home or work as ergonomic as possible; will save and effectively use electricity.
   If underfloor heating or indeed an entire heating system is using electricity, then the option is available to reduce consumption using energy-saving scenarios. Based on schedule of use and location, the Smart Home system controls electric heating, underfloor heating, an electric fireplace, etc. when you are at home, and turns them off when out. Other heating device may be added to the energy-saving scenarios. For example, a smart house will not spend excess energy on heating water in a boiler when you do not plan to use hot water. Similarly, the system is able to independently calculate the most effective scenario and adjust it to save energy. 
   A smart house adjusts the operation of all electrical appliances for minimum consumption of energy and cuts off equipment that is not being used, eliminating use of energy for nothing. 
It should be noted that the scenario of energy saving is based on consumption and the features of the premises, as well as on the personal characteristics and the owner’s schedule, so there are no two identical energy-saving scenarios. In order to develop the maximum energy savings for an individual, Smart Home companies necessarily carry out serious preparatory work and as a result offer the most effective solution for the case.

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