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  Depending upon requirements, one can either configure climate scenarios or remotely controlled devices at the time of need but a combination of both these types of control would be the most effective.

  With the help of the script, one can issue instructions to the Smart House regarding actions in specific situations, for example: Scenario "Sleep" - lower the temperature by 1.5 ° C, activate the intensive ventilation of the room. In this case, you can choose anything to activate the mode.

  Activating the "Sleep" script can be connected to the time of day (for example, 23:30), the signal from the presence and movement sensors ... The "Sleep" scenario can even be activated at the moment when you set the alarm on the smartphone the next day.

  Клімат-контроль з телефонуThis climate control function with the smartphone is also relevant when you are indoors, but busy with other things and can not afford to go to another room or floor. If we are talking about a large industrial complex or a multi-storey building (for example, a hotel), then the remote-control function is simply invaluable. From the office one can change the air temperature and ventilation mode anywhere in the room without distracting from your business, negotiations, etc. In addition, the Smart House will monitor temperature, humidity and air purity, and report any changes or differences.

  In many aspects, climate control crosses with energy conservation, because maintaining a comfortable temperature in a hot summer or frosty winter takes away a huge part of the energy used in the home during the month.

  The scenario "Not at Home" will help save energy and money because the Smart House will turn off the heating and air conditioning or reduce them to the minimum as soon as all residents leave the house. Focusing on your daily routine or location, some time before your return home, the system automatically brings the temperature of the air to a comfortable level for you. No need to go into a cold or stuffy room and wait for the air to reach a comfortable temperature and where you finally can relax. Now your house will welcome you with warm and fresh air which is a very important component of quality rest after a hard day. Smart Climate control saves you from having to take any action, worry and doubt.

  Once configured, the scenarios with minimal adjustments in the future will allow you to devote time to the really important things while Smart House takes care of your convenience.

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