Cleaning is one of the things we usually do not have enough time for and it's quite normal in the 21st century. We all have time to hurry up and to do hundreds of important things during the day, week, month. It is absolutely natural that cleaning is not high on our list of priorities. However, along with the speed of our time, we offer technological solutions to this issue.

  Meet the Smart Vacuum Cleaner. This intelligent item has the ability to be remotely controlled with the help of a smartphone. Your home may even be cleaned while you are in another city or country. If a Smart Vacuum Cleaner has a damp cleaning function, the owner can forget what a dirty floor is forever. The Smart Vacuum Cleaner is obliged to transmit information about the level of contamination of its "basket" to the application on the smartphone, in order to avoid the situation when its work becomes ineffective.

  Like all other Smart Home devices, the Smart Vacuum Cleaner can be set for a specific scenario, for example: dry cleaning every day, wet cleaning on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays at 18:00. Your home will always be clean without any effort from you. It can be extremely useful in offices or in the production. So, by synchronising a vacuum cleaner with motion sensors, you can get it cleaned only if someone visited the room and do not turn this Smart device on if nobody entered the room. Such a vacuum cleaner or a system of vacuum cleaners is especially useful in enterprises with an unregulated working schedule. An intelligent vacuum cleaner will save time and money, and will keep the floor perfectly clean without any physical effort.

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