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   Without who can not we imagine our life? Of course, without pets that give us joy and warmth. But to make our animals cheerful and healthy we need to take good care of them. However, we can not always come home in time, for example, to feed a cat, a dog, a parrot or a fish. And for some animals the delay of food for 2 hours can become critical for health. This is where the Smart Care System for Pets will help. 
   With some Smart House devices, one can remotely control the process of special feeders or adjust the regular supply of water and food, for a given period of time. Depending on the type of feeder, it is also possible to change the amount of food and water that are dispensed at a time. 
   So, if kept late at work, no need to worry anymore or feel guilty that your animal is waiting for you at home completely hungry. It is enough just to take a smartphone, go to the Care section, determine how much food should be served and click on the button. If necessary, it is also possible to set up a special signal that will inform your pet that it is time to eat! If you know that you can forget to feed the pet because of the large number of cases, include the food in the script and be sure that the animal is fed and satisfied.
   When there is no time to exercise your pet and you ask a friend to come and help, the function of remote access control allows a person without a mechanical key to get into your house, but only to those who have access to the required applications on your smartphone. For more information, see Security / Access Control. 
   Furthermore, Smart Home gives owners the opportunity to look after their pets, while working, at a meeting or even on vacation. Such a system also allows you to talk to the animals and therefore offset the damage they can cause when left unattended, thinking that no one sees them. I think those whose kittens and puppies destroyed wallpaper at home are now bitterly sorry that they did not know about this function before. 
   It is worth noting that you can ask the Smart Home team to develop a function to cover your own individual case and meet your specific needs, thus making your life and the life of your pet much easier.

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