The function of managing and controlling the premises remotely alone does not actually allow to call it Smart Home, since all actions, one way or another, are performed by the owner himself, though he may be thousands kilometers away from this premises. In fact, it is the automation system that makes it Smart. Automation is a special  system setup that makes it operate according to a certain scenario without the owners participation. Automated system can even independently solve problems and take decisions. It is not the automation of work with files and documents but the way to make your employees as efficient as possible at the same time providing comfortable working conditions. 

Automation is largely based on scripts which are a well-defined sequence of system actions in a given situation. Each script is purely individual and is developed with the participation of the owner of the premises. This way it can completely configure the Intelligent office to meet the needs of the particular owner. After adjusting all indoor equipment and systems will work without owner’s intervention. Let's say: 

-at about 8:30 the light and the air conditioner will be switched on
-during the lunch break the system will increase ventilation
-after the end of the working day, it will transfer all devices to energy-saving mode
-block access to certain premises  
-turn on the security system.

However, there are a number of common features for most businesses. One of them is the automatic shutdown of light in an empty room, which significantly reduces the cost of electricity. The system of presence sensors (it is better to have the system based on the presence, not on the movements, because sometimes we can be in the room, but do not move) automatically turns off the light in the whole room or its certain parts: kitchen, dressing rooms, etc. When someone enters an empty room, he does not need to look for a light switch, because it is switched on automatically. Automated lighting system also independently adjusts the brightness of light depending on the level of lighting outside, time of day and so on.

It is extremely important to note that automation can be carried out not only in apartments, small and large offices, but also in factories and plants. That is, Smart Office Systems can actually regulate not only the work of lighting, heating, air conditioning, home appliances and office equipment, but also synchronize and automate the work of machinery that produces component parts or materials. Depending on your type of activity, the Smart Office team can develop software specifically for your production and make it completely automated, significantly reducing staff costs. For example, if your business is a poultry farm it is necessary to feed birds and change the water regularly. With the help of Smart System, these processes can be included into a script and the program itself will give the devices commands concerning when and how much water and food should be given. 

In addition, automation of office or production involves the automatic calculation and payment of utility bills through Internet banking. Using your smartphone you can see the information from the utility meters and the amount of money paid for the past month any time you want, but you do not have to spend a second on counting, filling in the quittances and paying the bills by yourself.

The Smart Office system is programmed to save energy, water and other resources, as well as to maximize efficiency. It eliminates the need for personal presence to manage devices and systems; the entire control unit is concentrated in one application on a smartphone. The access to this application can be given by your decision only. Smart Office significantly reduces your costs for utilities and staff, because it helps to automate all possible processes in an enterprise. 

By the way do not forget that a Smart Office is extremely stylish, comfortable and trendy.

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