Secure entrance doors and a lock are always associated with security. However, in the 21st century, the entrance doors and the lock must operate many more functions than ever before. The usual lock and key are no longer sufficient to safeguard offices and business premises nor adequate to offer peace of mind for the security of private residential apartments.

The Smart Home access control system allows you to remotely control the entrance and interior doors with just one smartphone.

1) Smart lock. Log on fingerprint or scan of the retina gives access to the room only to persons who are entered in the database. Thus, it is very convenient to restrict access to private parts of a public space, private offices, high-risk rooms, etc. For additional insurance, such systems can be duplicated by a conventional mechanical key or code. In case of 2 mismatches of the retina pattern or fingerprint of the person who makes the request for entry, the owner immediately receives an alert message to the Smart Home application with a photo of the unauthorized guest. If there is an appropriate scenario, it will be enough to press one button on the phone screen to call security or police officers.

2) Smart interphone alerts the owner about the arrival of guests, regardless of whether he is at home or not. Video from the door phone camera is broadcast to the application on the mobile phone. With the proper setting of the Smart Lock , the owner can remotely open the door to the visitor or answer using the intercom speaker, creating the effect of presence in the apartment. We are all familiar with video intercoms but they may only be used when at home. Smart  Security system U-Smart removes all limitations and gives the owner a feeling of complete control of his property from anywhere in the world. You will never have to leave the key with neighbors, friends or relatives; ask someone to let the cleaner into the apartment at a certain time, and then always be nervous because of the thought that someone could make a duplicate of your key, which means your safety is at risk. Smart lock and Smart intercom resolve similar dilemmas and give confidence that everything is under control.

3) Smart security system also permits the owner to know activity to and from the apartment, office, etc. A key advantage for keeping track of where children are. When they leave and when they return home. No more need to bother the children with their phone calls, Smart lock from U-Smart will save your nerves and create an atmosphere of safety and peace within the family.

4) At the office, the Smart security system can fix the arrival time of each employee, as well as the time an employee leaves work. This can be done without the knowledge of employees, because it is not necessary to use a fingerprint or a person's ID card. The system identifies an individual from the CCTV camera photos and inputs the data into the database. In this way, you can also ensure the registration of visits: the system will notify the guard or the owner of the room about the arrival of a person whose data is not in the database, which means that the individual is not an employee.

5) As for optimizing work in the office or workplace, a Smart Access control would report the arrival of a person whose name is entered in the "Arrival Notice" box.. Now no need to check repeatedly if an individual is on the premises or not. Simply put the name in the application and as soon as this employee enters the room, the system will immediately send an alert to the person who wishes to know of the individual’s presence.










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