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Our systems for smart home offer

Smart security systems

Automatic informing about a fire, breaking opening, gas, water leakage, damage to networks

Video surveillance and the possibility of houses or offices remote control with the help of a smartphone

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Energy saving systems

• Automation of climate control systems
(Pay for 2-3 seasons)
• Automation of electrical equipment and lighting
• Automation of ventilation and recuperation systems
• Use of alternative energy sources

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Smart home for comfort

Automation of routine processes at home or in the office

Customizing individual scenarios

Remote control of all home devices using a smartphone

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Systems for business

Automatization of office and industry

Personnel and expenses control

Energy saving

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U-Smart is a team of active, young, creative and powerful people who want to change the world for the better. We do what we really love and what benefits.

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    Engineering systems
    Office and manufacture automation system
    Staff control
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